Blocks of Beauty

Hand-block printing is one of the earliest and simplest forms of textile printing. Some consider it the most artistic; the distressed look can't be replicated by a machine. The design is first carved out of a wooden block. The printer then covers the block with dye and presses it firmly onto the cloth striking it smartly on the back. The fabric is then turned into a variety of products from travel accessories to everyday home furnishings.


We’re exhibiting at the IHGF

16 - 20 OCTOBER, 2019 | New Delhi, India

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Workshops & Experiences

We host one day workshops for individuals, students and groups of up to 10. To give an insight into the various processes of hand block-printing. Each participant gets to learn about the techniques, equipment and intricacies involved in this 350 year old traditional craft and even get a hands on experience in printing their own piece of textile and take back an assortment of handmade merchandise.



Antique Block Collection

We collect and curate blocks from various parts of India like Gujarat, Andhra Pradesh, Kashmir and Rajasthan. Our oldest block dates back to 100 years. In our archive there are over 4000 blocks of various sizes, from 3ft down to 3 cms.



We’re located in Sanganer, Jaipur

A small town on the outskirts of Jaipur. Sanganer has been home of hand-block printing since centuries. We’re 15 minutes from the Jaipur International Airport. To visit us please book an appointment prior to your arrival.