Our Story

The name Rangotri is inspired by Gangotri - the origin of the river Ganges and the word Rang - which means colour in Hindi. Our block-printing studio employs 150 local craftsmen who create handcrafted textile products through specialised skills of block printing, embroidery and appliqué. We develop designs for home furnishings, apparel, stationery and travel accessories. We focus on preservation, production and promotion of indigenous crafts in our pursuit to create a timeless product with a fine regard for detail.


Our Team

Rangotri was founded in 1992 by Sonu & Vikram Joshi.

Vikram Joshi, a Textile Technologist, started his career with the Handicraft Board of India documenting block printing which is the traditional craft of Rajasthan, India for centuries. He then went on to work for 10 years for a block printing company based in Jaipur. Since then he has made creative innovations in the use of vegetable dyes to evolve new colour recipes and developed new printing techniques. His expertise has contributed significantly to the standardisation of dyeing procedures and the revival of rare and traditional Sanganeri prints.


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